Views of Maitland

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Views of Maitland

Views of Maitland is collecting, collating and connecting information for specific projects on the history and heritage of Maitland and district in the lower Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia.

You can browse the database in its entirety. You can also browse entries for specific projects.


Maitland Hospital
Maitland Hospital »

Maitland Hospital has been on the same site for 170 years. In 2022 it is moving into new premises on a new site. This project is documenting the buildings, people, experiences and memories that mark the significance of Maitland Hospital

Heritage Walks
Central Maitland »

A project documenting heritage sites and buildings that tell stories about the significance and complexity of Central Maitland from the 1840s to the present.

Jewish Sites
Jewish Sites »

There are many sites across Maitland that offer traces and statements about the significant Jewish community that helped to shape the locality in the nineteenth century. This project is documenting, interpreting and linking those sites..

Jewish Cemetery
Jewish Cemetery »

Maitland's Jewish Cemetery dates from the late 1840s and contains some 50 graves. This project researched and documented the history of the cemetery and the people buried there, and resulted in an exhibition of paintings, a book and an art installation.

Winner of the 2011 National Trust Heritage Award for Interpretation/Presentation, Corporate/Government.

Technical College
Technical College »

In 1910, West Maitland Technical College acquired a new building. In 2003 this building became the new home of the Maitland Regional Art Gallery (MRAG) and in 2009 had a modern extension added. This project documents the history and significance of the site, the memories that flow around it, the stories that surviving objects can tell and a variety of ways in which the histories are being interpreted and presented.

Project Partners: Maitland Regional Art Gallery, Maitland and District Historical Society, Maitland City Council, NSW Migration Heritage Centre. Enquiries: Janis Wilton.