Heritage Futures Database

Online databases connecting heritage sites to the people and evidence that give them meaning.

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Our Projects

Different Sights
Different Sights: Immigrants in New England »

The histories of immigrants from non-English-speaking backgrounds who have settled, for longer or shorter periods of time, in the New England region.

Family Ties
Family Ties »

A project documenting the people, sites, objects, documents and events relating to the Newstead/Elsmore pastoral district near Inverell in northern New South Wales.

Different Sights
New England Archaeology »

Historical archaeological projects providing a window on the more invisible heritage of the early settlement of Armidale and the New England region by European colonists.

Views of Maitland
Views of Maitland »

Projects documenting aspects of the history of the Maitland district in the lower Hunter Valley.

What is the Heritage Future Database?

Connecting heritage sites to the people and evidence that give them meaning.

A key feature of the online presence of the Heritage Futures Research Centre is the relational database which has been developed and used in collaboration with, and funded by, a number of organisations, projects and researchers. This innovative research database provides a means to collate, connect and share research. In particular, it enables the linking of heritage sites and places to the people, objects, images, oral histories, documents and other evidence that help to tell their histories. It also enables the sharing of ongoing research between and among project partners and with the wider research community and beyond.