New England Archaeology

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New England Archaeology

Historical archaeological sites in New England, NSW, Australia.

New England Archaeology is recording archaeological projects undertaken by Pam Watson for the UNE Heritage Futures Research Centre in partnership with government and community organisations. The online database provides access to the research data which is being updated as more information is uncovered.


Archaeological Management Plan for Armidale (AMPA) (European sites) »

Historical archaeological sites within Armidale have been identified and documented in an Archaeological Management Plan for the city.

Armidale Plaza (K-Mart) Development
Armidale Plaza (K-Mart) Development »

Redevelopment in central Armidale led to the archaeological excavations of a house built in the 1850s and its backyard well, amongst other cultural remains.

McClean’s Corner
McClean’s Corner »

The central Armidale site of James McLean’s flour mill, house and store dating from the 1850s, was archaeologically excavated prior to the redevelopment of the site for a Coles shopping complex.

Rocky River Post Office and Residence
Rocky River Post Office and Residence »

The site of the Post Office and Residence in this old gold mining settlement was excavated as a training dig for students of archaeology at UNE from 2004-2005.

Saumarez Store
Saumarez Store »

The store at Saumarez pastoral property on the edge of Armidale dates from 1835 and is possibly the oldest standing structure in New England. The footings and fabric of the wooden store required renovations. Archaeological excavations recorded the materials and technology of the foundations.

Stey's Sawmill, Newholme
Stey's Sawmill, Newholme »

This site of an early sawmill dating from 1863 at the foot of Mount Duval near Armidale was used as a training dig for students of archaeology at UNE from 2006-2010.